The Art of Writing is Now and Forever

If you are a looking for a great writer, you have make sure that she knows what she is doing. It has been said that it take 30,000 hours to learn how to do something well.

We at Freelance Writer Now have over 30,000 hours of writing under our keyboards.  The more we write the better we get.

Writer on EscalatorWe are proficient in many aspects of writing. Here are just a few thing we can do for you:

  • Make cutting-edge technical copywriting easy-to-understand.
  • Create a spectacular website or blog exactly as you dreamed you wanted.
  • Write an entirely original website – note many writers steal from your competition, we create new copy.
  • Create a trademarkable original name for your product.
  • Use SEO techniques to improve your website rankings.
  • Interview your CEO and get him/her to say something fascinating.
  • Put a creative spin on dry but important topics.
  • Meet a short deadline.
  • Take apart/test new products to find their best applications.
  • Produce creative concepts with sample visuals for clients.
  • Write catchy tag-lines, positioning-lines & mottos.
  • Teach people how to use your products.

Please feel free to call (626) 921-6397 late as 11:00 pm Pacific Time on week days to get a free estimate.

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