Praises for Lynn Walford’s Automotive Technology Writing Talents & Skills

Lynn Walford talked with Jay Leno about the future of cars for Auto Futures.

I am proud that I create quality feature articles that are appreciated by the people I interview, analysts and their representatives.  Here are samples of the positive feedback I have received.

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Feature Writers Can’t Be Beat with AI ChaptGPT or Bing AI-Powered Answers

Everyone is trying to get in the ChatGPT and AI act. Jimmy Kimmel asked it to write a joke for him. Today, I asked Bing AI questions and got back some stupid and true answers.  I don’t have to worry about being replaced by a bot–yet.

I asked Bing AI, “What is the funniest joke about blondes that is tasteful and smart?”

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Why Robots Can’t Write and Talk Funny

In an effort to make reading long form articles easier, a publisher is using a voice to text emulator. My friends have noted on my articles that the emulator has a British accent because the publication is British. When I write, I write in American English and then I convert …

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EV Driving Update Almost 6 Tons of CO2 Not in SoCal Air

I calculated the amount of CO2 I prevented from putting into the atmosphere by driving an electric vehicle since August 2015. Using the LEAF app and online portals I figure that I saved over 11,762 lbs (5.881 tons) of CO2 from getting into the air over driving a gas-powered car. My driving electric prevented almost six tons of CO2 from adding to global warming and climate change in Southern California.

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2020 Year in Review Covid and Beyond

2020 has been a  year of major changes in automotive and our lives.  I reviewed all the events I covered for Auto Futures in ” Zoom, Norm The Scooter Dog (And Fighting Covid) – How Automotive Technology Shaped Our Knowledge in 2020. I also summed it up in this graphic …

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