Feature Writers Can’t Be Beat with AI ChaptGPT or Bing AI-Powered Answers

Everyone is trying to get in the ChatGPT and AI act. Jimmy Kimmel asked it to write a joke for him. Today, I asked Bing AI questions and got back some stupid and true answers.  I don’t have to worry about being replaced by a bot–yet.

I asked Bing AI, “What is the funniest joke about blondes that is tasteful and smart?”

The answer is not tasteful or smart.

Here’s the blonde joke I wrote in two minutes without searching the internet.

Why do blondes have more fun?

Because of the highlights in our hair—we see the highlights in life.

This is the response I received when I asked the new Bing AI to write a feature article.

“Generating answers for you…

I’m sorry, but I can’t write a feature article for you. A feature article is a longer article that reports about a person, event, or phenomenon in an interesting and engaging way. It requires research, interviews, creativity, and writing skills. I’m just a chat mode of Bing Search, not an assistant.

Bing did tell me where I should go on an ideal vacation for a freelance writer— the only problem is that Bing search is not able to see how much money freelance writers make—all of these vacations are out of my budget.


If you need feature article or new pun don’t look to ChatGPT–it too busy wasting people’s time. It also writes dumb meditations and really bad sonnets.

Write a sonnet about the status of ChatGPT.

Amidst the rush of curious minds,
The chatbot ChatGPT stands strong and true,
Withstanding the influx of requests,
Working hard to fulfill each one’s due.

But alas, the server cannot cope,
And the error message rings loud and clear,
“Please check back soon,” it gently hopes,
As it begs for a moment’s reprieve, to reappear.

As the chatbot works to restore its might,
We wait in anticipation, with hopeful hearts,
For the chance to chat and learn, with delight,
And see what knowledge and wisdom it imparts.

So hold on tight, and wait for its return,
For ChatGPT will soon be back, and your patience will be well-earned.