Interview Reveals Secret Behind AT&T 4 LTE in Vehicles

verizonracecarMy favorite part of being a freelance writer is interviewing experts. I can find out the deepest technical details from an expert that researching online would take days or even months.  A case in point, is that I  read in a news story that reason why Verizon Wireless was not providing 4G LTE connections in cars was that you can’t talk and use data at the same time.

From  my years writing about wireless, I knew that statement was incorrect but I did not why until I talked to an expert at Qualcomm for Automotive IT News.

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Why I will never tire about learning about tires

When I first starting researching car tires, I knew tires were important to the safety and quality of the ride. I never expected so much technology to go into the Michelin Premier A/S tires with EverGrip. The desingers used 3D modeling and information from physicists, engineers and chemists. To test …

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New Articles from Lynn Walford

I’ve been busy writing for AUTO Connected Car and TechHive Car Tech.  Here’s what I’ve written recently for TechHive Car Tech: Slide show of car tech gifts for Father’s Day. How ignition interlock devices can stop drunk drivers in their tracks. Three tire technologies that promise you a smoother ride. …

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New Theme Coming

Hello readers.  I am in the process of changing the theme for  If you see any strange images or formatting, please be advised that it is temporary. In fact, now most of CyberChimps Primo Pro is complete. I am still working on getting the logo the right size.

Toastmasters Means Tech, Leadership & Communication

LogoWebsiteLockupJPGIn 2013 Toastmasters International, announced an increase in  memberships for the 20th year in a row. The organization, founded over 89 years ago, added 10,000 members last year.

Toastmasters offers a great mix of the new and the old. They are  planning to revitalize the education curriculum that will take advantage of technology such as mobile web applications and video. Toastmasters also offers a group of supportive members, who help each other achieve communication and leadership skills.

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Scheduled Post with Tweet for Mobiwriter

I’m trying to get the publicize feature in WordPress Jetpack to work with a scheduled post in WordPress at

How to Hirer a Freelance Writer: Freelance Writer Wanted, Now?

howtohireragreatwriterThe way companies are hiring freelance writers is not very efficient.  Posting an ad on craigslist is inexpensive but also costly in work hours.  Posting ads to journalism websites will give you journalism school graduates, who may or may not be great writers. What is the best way to find a great freelance writer?

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Not All Technical Writing is Good: How I Taught iPad to My 96-Year-Old Neighbor

msfosterWhen I tell people that I write about technology, they think that I am a technical writer for Wireless and Mobile News, for which I am editor and a technology writer or journalist. I cover breaking technology. Part of my talent is figuring out what people want to read and then giving them the information in a format that they can understand. When I wrote “Computers Made Plain” articles for Investor’s Business Daily, I wrote for the audience of intelligent investors who needed to know how computers worked.

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One Secret that Great Writers Won’t Tell You

trafficjamMany people don’t realize what a writer can really do for you. Writers are information gathers.  We know how to get people to tell us interesting stories.  We then take the stories and spin them into sales or great impressions.

The world is bombarded with way too much information (TMI). Writers know how to pick out the weeds from the facts and make beautiful bouquet of symbols and analogies.

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