News Releases

News releNews & Press Release Writingases are a special form of letter fax or e-mail sent to the media, which contains information or tells them about a news story.

News releases are also called press releases. There are several free and paid services that post news releases online and also post the news to Google and Bing news sites.

Anyone can send them. In fact, often, news releases are where many newspapers and news services get their information.

They should be clean, crisp and get an editors attention.

News releases make reporters work easier by giving the reporter a framework for an idea.

A press release follows are formula of waht information goes into each paragraph.

We suggest you try to refrain from this typical quote “CEO Bradley Boss is thrilled to announce the latest widget.”

Recently we saw a news release as a basis as a feature on a major local network news hour. The reporter took the facts from the release and then interviewed people on the street about the facts.

Freelance Writer Now News Releases have been responsible for hundreds of media placements.