How to Write E2E Engineer-to-Engineer

When I attend CES  in Las Vegas, where the latest technology is on display, I talk a different language, I call it E2E (Engineer-to-Engineer). At every industry event there are technical words and abbreviations that are required to speak and write about the business.

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Recent Trip to Beach Reveals New e-Mobility Wild West

Yesterday, I decided to take the day off and go to Santa Monica beach. I was expecting a nice quiet walk breathing in the ozone from the ocean. Instead, I came face-to-e-scooter with one of the hottest topics in the transportation industry, the rise of shared, app-based, dock-free e-scooters that are swarming fair weather cities.

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Battery Burn Out and E-Mobility Challenges

This lithium-ion battery expanded causing the case to crack.

Four years ago, I bought new lithium-ion batteries for my cordless phone system and remote control  for my sound system. Starting in February, the batteries in the cordless phone system would only allow me to talk on the phone for ten to twenty minutes depending upon the handset. The battery for remote for the sound system expanded causing the remote to no longer fit into the dock and cracked the case. I was able to buy three new batteries for the phone system for $5.99. The new battery for the sound system remote was $14.99.  My 2013 Nissan LEAF will be five-years old in June, new batteries for my Nissan LEAF are $5,000!

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April Fools & Folly: Cruise Bolts to Traffic School?

Recently, a self-driving driving Cruise Chevy Bolt was stopped and ticketed for getting way too close a pedestrian. Maybe there ought to be traffic schools for self-driving cars.

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What I Learned at #CES2018

CES is over but the reverberations of events at the one of the largest trade shows in the world is a lesson for all of us in the automotive industry.

We will be profiling more news about the events in future articles the most important thing to notice, however, is that the biggest news and best stories are from when something goes really wrong—such as a power outage in the main hall where are the TVs, big screens and technology companies are showing their wares.

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