What I Learned at #CES2018

CES is over but the reverberations of events at the one of the largest trade shows in the world is a lesson for all of us in the automotive industry.

We will be profiling more news about the events in future articles the most important thing to notice, however, is that the biggest news and best stories are from when something goes really wrong—such as a power outage in the main hall where are the TVs, big screens and technology companies are showing their wares.

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How I made over $100,000 through affiliate programs

Over the years, through affiliate links, I have made as much as $4,000 in one day and up to $20,000 over the Black Friday Cyber Monday season. How did I do that? I found some techniques that really help in propelling affiliate link sales. It is not as simple as just calling a product the best. Good affiliate profits come from compelling writing, providing good reliable information and constantly look for deals and at the numbers.

I learned how affiliate links work the hard way. I spent years crafting articles to see what worked the best and what made the most money. Here of the few of the things I have learned.

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Happy Light Holidays

It has been year of great darkness for many of us. Traditionally this is the season in which that we are reminded of the coming light. I hope that we find lightness over the holidays and that we have a happy new year.  I have two sides to my writing …

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Grateful Happy Poetry

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends and readers. In honor of this day of ultimate gratitude, I give you the following poems that were included in my book of poetry “Short Poems for Longing Times.”  I have been writing non-fiction for many years but also write for fun and inspiration poetry.  Some times poetry is the shortest route to the divine and sublime.

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Why YouTube and Amazon Are Not Places to Go for Help–or Good Writing

Bad writing on the Internet wastes people’s time and money. The massive mega-media universe of neophytes who attempt to demonstrate complex do-it-yourself tasks, sends people in directions that they shouldn’t be going if something was written correctly in the first place. Crowdsourcing of information by amateurs can make writers who understand that small details are essential, absolutely crazy. My latest Odyssey involving a dripping bathtub faucet illustrates the importance of interviewing true experts.There is nothing more powerful than someone who has done something many times and is an expert in the process.

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