Grateful Happy Poetry

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends and readers. In honor of this day of ultimate gratitude, I give you the following poems that were included in my book of poetry “Short Poems for Longing Times.”  I have been writing non-fiction for many years but also write for fun and inspiration poetry.  Some times poetry is the shortest route to the divine and sublime.

Useful Stuff

In lowly times of disgust,

Try some thanks and gratitude.

As your attitude, you adjust,

Your vision will gain latitude.

A big fat gripe will shrink into an itsy bitsy issue,

When you’re grateful for everything, even toilet tissue.

Best Pets

Look at your dog or kitten,

See what you can learn.

No matter what you tell ‘em,

They’ll always love you in return.

Lasting Presents

The ad says, “Diamonds are forever

While people come and go.”

The greatest gifts, however

Are that you know love and grow.


Some very short mono poems. Before I started writing Haiku, I wrote MonoPoems.  I created MonoPoems for people who don’t have enough time to read more than one line and a title.  At some point, I’d like to see them on T-Shirts, buttons, freeway walls, trash bins, sides of buses, bottoms of shoes, hats and places not yet invented for more portable poetry.

Don’t Mope

You’ll cope.


Remember Where You Are From:

Look how far you’ve come!


I am extremely grateful to the following inspiring people, organizations and things this season:

  • Becky Loving – inspirational teacher.
  • Pixabay for wonderful photos of beauty.
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer – this plugin optimizes graphics saving me a lot of time.
  • CyberChimps Themes.
  • LiquidWeb Hosting.
  • Toastmasters International.
  • Friends, dogs and cats.